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How can I make my homemade lip gloss thicker?

The lip gloss is simple, easy and beautiful, but also sticky and smooth. Fortunately, there are easy ways to overcome these issues and still enjoy your lipstick.

First exfoliate

When you do not exfoliate first, you leave rough, flaky skin to cling to rather than a smooth surface. Our favorite way of exfoliating our lips (and the simplest way!) is with a toothbrush. Tryout ways to make homemade lip gloss thicker.

Wet your toothbrush and brush it softly in a circular motion through your lips. It is only necessary to slacken the dead skin without being too harsh.

Underneath Apply Structure

It that look weird to lay the foundation on your lips, but it really gives your lip gloss more energy. Put your normal base or cover on your lips just slightly, swipe the gloss on the top and voila! Lip gloss lasts hours.

Using Lipstick matching

With the aid of a matching lipstick, in particular with the matt formula, the gloss will last longer. It sticks to the gloss and, as soon as the gloss comes off, you still have lipstick colour.

Grab the first Nose. Use the first Kiss

Why not does it on your lips using primers for your face and eyes? However, there are primers for lips, so make sure that’s the kind that you buy.

A strong first will add something to your lip gloss and leave it shimmering all day.

Remove stickiness

Consider rubbing an ice cube over the top of your lips after your application if your gloss is sticky or clumpy. It smoothest and loosens it.

Another simple sticky cure is to powder the face over the surface–not too much, otherwise it is clumping.

lip gloss

What conservation items will I use

In general, anhydrous (water-free) formulas need no preservatives because lip baking should last for up to 24 months if not in the cool, dark place, unopened.

We should, however, recommend that it be used within six months of opening (when the user uses it). Apply about 1 percent of Vitamin E to provide more antioxidant strength.

You may use Saccharin, a fluid sweetener if you use a fragrance oil or essential oil and decide to add a sweetener.

This liquid sweetener is cosmetic in consistency and suitable for lip products. If you use too much of this drug, your lip-gloss can turn bitter. The usage rate is approximately 1% of the total lip baking recipe.

Our favorite trick for making a DIY lip gloss thicker? Select a better brand! A high-quality lip gloss will be less tactful and will leave your lips smooth, soft and light.

You don’t have to remove Lip Gloss from your arsenal. With these simple tips to stick and keep your lips shiny, lip gloss can be a fun part of your makeup.

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