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Is it better to comb your hair wet or dry?

Do you learn that up to 30% of the body weight of your hair is lost in water? And if the hair is harmed, can it be as high as 45 percent? This is nothing! That’s nothing!

Consider consuming yourself a third of your body weight in the water? After 2 cups of tea, I still feel my bladder breaks down. And I shouldn’t dream of lifting for at least a shower a third of my weight.

Yet our hair does that. When you have a relaxing shower, your hair’s strength and resilience are tested. It’s not so strange, therefore, that when it’s wet your hair is much more vulnerable.

This raises the likelihood of broken hair and split ends.

So when it’s cold, you may think it’s always safer to peat your hair. This is not always the case, however. It depends on what kind of hair you’ve got.

It’s like that: comb hair wet or dry

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you if you have curls that peeling or brushing your hair dry is not at all fun. It’s almost hard to get though. Due to the enormous resistance, when you comb or brush, you do even more harm.

Choosing the way of least resistance is much cleverer: and this is when the hair is wet. Wet curly hair is a lot easier than dry curly hair to float through.

It’s best when it’s fresh to wash or comb straight hair.

For those with steep hair, it’s much easier to combing wet hair. Generally, you don’t have to use any energy to get through your hair.

Wet or dry in this case doesn’t make a difference in terms of resistance. Since your hair is much more fragile when wet and therefore breaks or tears quicker, brush or peel straight hair is easier.

Hair steep and tangles

Have you straight hair and plenty of tangles? Then your comb or brush would be easier to use on wet hair. However, the best move in this case is to figure out why you have so many tangles that your hair can get harmed.

brushing and combing

Brush or combing: what is the better

Brushing and combing

Both hair is not pleasant. Yet if you don’t walk around with a bird’s nest in your head, you will do something.

There are a lot of differences in the pebbles and brushes and their damage. It’s best to avoid tangles with your fingertips or a common denture comb.


Choose the less resilient course. If you have curls or lots of tangles, comb the conditioner of your hair in your shower. When your hair is straight and has few tangles, it’s safer if your hair is dry.

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