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Can you get a perm for beachy waves?

A perm is a hairstyling process that uses chemical or thermal means in naturally straight hair to produce the appearance of curves or waves.

The procedure is normally performed with ammonium thiogylcolate, also called perm salt.

And what do you talk about when you get a perm for beachy waves

Virgin hair, which was not colored, makes the best applicant for a permit, but technical advances mean that almost anyone can receive a permit.

However, the last thing anyone wants is dry, brittle hair which breaks in pieces, so consult your designer if you are at the fence.

And the days when hair style determined whether you should get a perm or not are gone. It is important to note that not all stylists do it now, and as the procedure is so intensive, you don’t want a technician who doesn’t do it semi-regularly.

Call salons in advance and ask for a permit specialist, book a consultation and take pictures of the hair you want before going for permanent beachy waves.

It can take 1 to 2 hours, depending on how long your hair is, how thick it is and how fast your stylist is. Once you treat, the stylist will use one chemical solution to dissolve the structural bonds of your hair and then, another one called the’ neutralizer.’

permThe curl tightness depends on the rod you use and how long the initial solution lasts. If you are nervous about having too tight curls, ask your artist to show you the kinds of rods she uses and talk up if it doesn’t look good!

Then bear in mind that a permit takes 28 hours to expire, so you can spend some time on your hair before thinking about the end result.

To straighten the hair, an expert applies the permal solution to curly hair, peel it off until it is straight, then rinse out the solution.

The hair must be thoroughly and regularly peeled so that it does not curl again, and then a neutralizer is used and rinsed out.

To transform super curly hair into waves or fat curls and hold it loose and straight at its heart, the designer will wind your hair to big rods.

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