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Do you curl your hair over or under?

It is also important to protect your hair from damage, particularly if it is fine in texture. Do you want to curl straight hair? Follow my simple directions and have lovely curls in no time:

Wash your hair with a non-sulfate shampoo. If the texture of your hair is perfect, wash it with a quality enhancement shampoo and lightweight, moisturizing spray. So that makes you think to curl hair over or under.

Apply the conditioner from the ears and down, so as not to weigh the hair down, avoid the root region. Apply a heat protection refrigerator in damp hair to protect it against curling iron.

curl hairFollow by a non-root lifter, and a non-volume mouse. Specifically apply the root lifter to the root area and the mouse to the entire area of the hair. Your mouse curling gives it a lot of muscle, form and catch.

Mix the hair with a big dandelion or use “The Wet Brush” for hair removal. Use a round brush for volume added. The bigger the round brush the better the volume (but the size of the brush depends on the length / layer of the hair).

Now your hair is dry and ready to tangle. Your iron curling ceramic or tourmaline is on and you have chosen a barrel that matches your hair style and curl target.

For example, a 3/2 in curling iron will give you tight curlers, while a 1 1⁄4 curling iron will give you the loose curls you’re watching on television these days.

Some curling irons can reach 400 degrees, which is not necessary. The thumb rule is: the finer the hair is, the lower the heat. This is over, and eventually you change the heat that is right for you.

You may want to cut your hair horizontally into smaller pieces. If your parts are too dense from top to bottom, a lot of curl and volume will be lost.

Your choice is to pin your hair in sections. When you’re fresh and want it to be really simple then you should spend time pinning your hair in sections simply and taking out one section at a time.

If you use pins in this stage, you can start curling your hair from below. If you’re a little advanced, or are confident doing these things and you go, that’s okay too. You may follow my key steps, but you can inevitably also add your own unique twist.

These are the over and under ways to curl hair. Remove all curls if it is still pinned. I’m still running my hands through the curls to give them a little more natural feel.

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