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How to curl short hair without curling iron?

Despite being quicker, the standard style of heat can be very rough. As discussed in our previous article, how best to curl short hair with heat, heat curling is successful but not free of possible weaknesses.

The following Oh-So-Easy approaches help avoid the potential harm that heat tools can cause (think split ends, breakages and dry hair). They can take longer, but you can do other stuff around the house part of the time, or even go to sleep.

How do I shorten my hair? How do curl short hair without curling iron?

With these you can make this timeless retro vintage look and you will look amazing. Big rollers produce large and long curls, while smaller ones produce short and small curls.

Foam rollers are gentle on your head or even Flexrods that build lovely, smooth, spiral curls

Use rollers or flex-rods

You can buy them from any beauty store. When you have flex-rods, but do not want those short curls, try joining a few flex-rods together before you use them. This could only work with some flex-rods.

Clean your face

short hairWash your hair. Since you don’t use heat to curl here, you should start with newly washed hair. Wash your hair as usual and then allow it to dry naturally or towel it softly until it’s just a little damp.

Comb it correctly and ensure that there are no tangles.

Sect a small bunch of hair and put on a nice change spray.

Apply the lotion on each section instead of the entire head upside down, so that the lotion does not dry out before you get to the section.

Roll up the section carefully and place one of the rollers or flex rods on immediately. Lock or fasten in place. Do the cutting up and rolling like this until the rollers or flex-rods cover the hands.

Taking the rollers or flex-rods carefully after three or four hours

Only gently peat your hair and you’re going to have beautiful, sparkling curls. Thus you can curl short hair without using heat.

Let the rollers in for the night

If you like, you can sleep with them. In the morning unwrap them and put their fingers in your hair for sexy soft curls.

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