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bleaching hair

What is the difference between dyeing and bleaching hair?

That’s what platinum hair people did to achieve the color. When you want to change your hair from darker to white, you’d do that.

Like your skin, your hair has melanin, bleach stains your hair. Bleaching eliminates all hair colors, which helps the hair turn very light yellow. A good colorist helps you lighten the hair and is less aggressive in a few sessions to prevent serious hair damage.

What is the difference between dyeing and bleaching hair?

Bleaching turns the hair light yellow and you need to tint the desired color if you want the platinum look. If you like the yellow look and don’t want to add a tint, some people do that and it’s fantastic.

types of coloring

When you bleach your hair, the color doesn’t disappear, your hair won’t fade, your hair (when you bleached it) will always be the color.

As your natural hair color grows you may want to blanch it to suit the blanched hair color. If you no longer want the hair bleached, you have to cut it.

Bleaching has adverse effects on your hair. Once the cuticle of the hair is exposed, it makes the cuticles weaker and the longer the cuticles remain open and the weaker the hair is, when the cream is on the hair.

Since your hair is harmed, you must gently towel the stalls to avoid too much breakage when you wash your hair.  See more info on dye vs bleach hair.

Two types of coloring are temporary and permanent

A temporary coloring is a coloring that coats the hair strands in a pigment. The provisional solutions will not last as long as the permeable dyes last.

The substance penetrates the hair follicles when you use a permeable hair dye. Sometimes the dyes contain peroxide in order to lift some natural hair pigment and replace it with a color pigment.

The peroxide removes some color from the hair so that the color sticks to and vibrates further on the scalp. This strengthens the bond to the follicle.

The permanent colors are called “permeant,” but are not really permeated, and after about six months the hair color starts to disappear.

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