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Should I bleach my hair before dying it purple?

So you want to dye your hair violet but don’t know how to begin? Let me walk you through everything you need to learn how to paint your purple hair.

We will discuss how to pick the right violet hair taint and how to tint brown or unbleached hair. You will learn tips to add shine, to get the brightest shade and to achieve certain shades, like the Bourgogne, dark purple and smoky mauve.

Choosing the best color and bleach hair before dying it purple

Did you note the amount of purple hair dyes on the market? One thing is important to think of: you have to select the right kind of hair dye regardless of shade.

A lighter base color gives you the most exciting results.

Think about it: you can’t see color well if you used a colored pen in black paper. The color is clearly evident when you use it on white paper. The color of the hair is the same.

Actually, any level of illumination will help you to achieve a better result as long as you put the right color on top. If you can afford to do it, do your first full-head bleaching at a salon because it takes time and has no experience.

The effects are stunning and vivid for the first few weeks if you use a permanent dark purple color before slowly becoming duller.

Most people reapply the permanent color to get that only colored look back. If you pay attention, you will know what the problem is; the use of permanent colors will accumulate damage over and over and we know that damage is permanent and must be reproduced.

dye to natural hair

Apply dye to natural hair

The honest truth: this method’s success rates vary widely and depend on your hair type. You need extremely clean hair and a very pigmented color for the best chances of dying hair purple with bleaching.

Start by removing any products that may act as a barrier to color absorption. Wash your hair with a shampoo a few times and dry it full.

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