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How to curl short hair without curling iron?

Despite being quicker, the standard style of heat can be very rough. As discussed in our previous article, how best to curl short hair with heat, heat curling is successful but not free of possible weaknesses. The following Oh-So-Easy approaches help avoid the potential harm that heat tools can cause (think split ends, breakages and […]

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How do you get waves with a durag?

In this article, we will show you how you can use durag for your 360 wave cycle. Once you have finished reading this, you should tie your durag so that it lets you get waves with a durag. The 360-wave process basically trains your hair into a wavy curling pattern. When your hair starts to […]

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curly hair

Can you get a perm for beachy waves?

A perm is a hairstyling process that uses chemical or thermal means in naturally straight hair to produce the appearance of curves or waves. The procedure is normally performed with ammonium thiogylcolate, also called perm salt. And what do you talk about when you get a perm for beachy waves Virgin hair, which was not […]

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